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  • Color Black + silver   
  • Material: Metal + Stainless Steel  
  • Overall Dimension :20" x 15" x 32.5" (L x W x H)  
  •  Pizza Stone Dimension :12" x 12 "   N
  • et Weight: 31 lbs 

Key Features

? Outstanding Heating Performance:  This outdoor pizza oven can preheat to 390? in 5-10 minutes and heat up  to 930?. The high quality stainless steel construction with interior  insulation cotton can hold the temperature without wasting fuel. You can  attach the door to seal the heat and the check window on the door  ensures convenient observation.
? Not Only for Pizza: This  wood fired pizza grill is able to cook a 12" fresh pizza in 2-5  minutes. Besides baking pizza, this wood fired pizza grill is also ideal  for cooking steak, fish, chicken, sausage, vegetables, freshly baked  bread and so on. The thermometer helps you to monitor and control the  temperature.
? Multiple Fuel Options: This outdoor  pizza oven is equipped with a separate firebox to add fuel during the  baking process. It is also convenient to dump the ashes after using.  This outdoor pizza oven can be heated with charcoal, wood pellets and  wood chuck.
? Designed for Outdoor Cooking: Built  with 4 foldable legs and removable chimney, this outdoor pizza maker is  easy to take apart for regular cleaning, space-saving storage and  transport. With this portable pizza maker, you can cook delicious meals  by yourself in the garden and even take it with you for outdoor  gathering.
? Easy Setup and Maintenance: The  assembly is easy and quick following detailed instructions. The pizza  grill is constructed with rustproof and heat resistant construction.  After use, you can easily clean the oven with a damp cloth. What is in  the box: cordierite pizza stone, pizza peel and removable oven door.

Outdoor Pizza Oven with Pizza Stone and Foldable Legs for Camping-Black

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