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Bring warmth  and style to your patio in moments with this Black Outdoor Cast Iron  Chimenea Wood Burning  Fire Pit. The familiar shape of this piece lends  timeless style to your backyard, and helps you gently heat your  gathering spot as was done in centuries past. The rounded, center  chamber has a wide opening on the front, easily accommodating wood or  charcoal, and the 12 inch diameter grate in this opening helps air  circulate around the fire for an even burn. An 8 inch tall chimney  brings height to this unit, and an included lid prevents rain from  entering it. Attach the 3 legs to the fire bowl, to elevate it from the  ground, and for you to easily access the removable bottom plate to  discard soot and ashes. The robust, cast iron body heats quickly and  evenly, warming your patio all evening, and the rust finish adds a  classic hint. This hefty adornment rests easily on a level, fireproof  surface, and can be disassembled for seasonal storage or repositioning. 

  • Assembly Required
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Dimensions: 16 inches D x 28 inches H
  • Weight: 54 lbs.

Small Black Outdoor Cast Iron Chimenea Wood Burning Fire Pit

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