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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Slickblue, a distinguished one-stop shopping destination. Established in 2011, we are dedicated to creating an unmatched shopping experience through our extensive portfolio, with a particular emphasis on high-quality furniture. From chic living room sets to inviting bedroom suites, versatile home office collections, and even sophisticated dining and outdoor essentials, our selection caters to every facet of your lifestyle.

In addition to our furniture collection, Slickblue offers a broad variety of home décor pieces and premium bedding options. Whether you're seeking to add a personal touch to your space with stylish décor, foster a festive atmosphere with our holiday range, or craft a tranquil sleep environment with our luxury bed linens, we provide tailored solutions to enhance your living space.

Our commitment to exemplary customer service remains a cornerstone of our ethos at Slickblue. Our dedicated team is always ready to support you through a seamless shopping journey, from initial browsing to dependable delivery. We're deeply grateful for your trust in Slickblue as your preferred e-commerce partner, and we look forward to assisting you in creating your dream home.

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Contact Us

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