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  • Color: Nature
  • Material: Fir wood
  • Overall dimensions: 48" x 23" x 63" (L x W x H)
  • Size of the planting box: 44" x 24" x 10.5" (L x W x H)
  • Weight capacity of the bottom shelf: 110 lbs
  • Weight capacity of the planter bed: 386 lbs
  • Weight capacity of trellis: 11 lbs
  • Net Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Package included:
  • 1 x Wooden raised garden bed with trellis
  • 1 x User?s Manual

Key Features

? 100% Solid Wood: The elevated garden bed is made  of 100% natural fir wood with delicate craftsmanship, which is  characterized by high hardness, great weather resistance, and  deformation resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability. Besides, the  thickened boards provide strong support.
? Ample Climbing and Planting and Storing Space:  The raised garden bed is designed with a large and deep plant box to  cultivate fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, a rectangular grid for  planting climbing plants, and a bottom shelf to store shovels,  scissors, flowerpots, watering pots, and more. Besides, there also  exists a top shelf for storing tools and placing potted plants.
? Humanized Design:  The plant box stand includes a black liner to separate the wood from  the soil, protecting the garden bed from water damage while allowing for  normal drainage. Also, it can keep the soil in place and retain soil  moisture. In addition, there exist a set of locking wheels allowing for  easy movement to any part of your garden and capture the right amounts  of sun and shade.
? Ergonomic Height: The plant box  measures 38" x 14" x 11" (L x W x H) providing large 3.4 cu.ft planting  spaces to plant various plants. And the plant box stands 54" in height,  which can eliminate the need to bend or kneel during planting, caring,  or harvesting plants and reduce the burden on your spine and knees.
? Versatile Design and DIY Painting:  The rustic-style garden bed can not only bring a sense of nature to  your space but also can be a perfect addition to any indoor and outdoor  space, such as courtyards, gardens, balconies, greenhouses, and more.  Moreover, the natural wood board can be painted, so you can DIY it in  any pattern and color.


The wooden raised garden bed measures 48" x 23" x 63" (L x W x H) and  loads up 386 lbs, providing large areas to cultivate plants and store  gardening tools. There exists a deep planting box providing plants and  vegetables with ample room to breathe and grow deeply. And the bottom  open shelf allows you to store and display some planting tools or other  accessories. Besides, the trellis provides a suitable growth environment  for climbing plants. The elevated plant box stand is crafted with 100%  natural fir wood, which is characterized by high hardness, great weather  resistance, and excellent durability. And it also includes a black  liner to keep the soil in place and retain the soil moisture.

  • Made of solid wood, sturdy, weather-resistant, showcase natural wood grains
  • The large plant box provides an excellent condition for the healthy growth of plants
  • The bottom open shelf is designed for store garden tools, plants, soil bags, and more
  • The black liner helps keep soil and moisture from rotting the wood  The robust and thick posts provide strong support and ensure great  stability
  • The 33.5" ergonomic height makes it easy to manage plants without bending or kneeling
  • With the rustic and simple style, it can be a highlight of your outdoor space

Raised Garden Bed Elevated Wooden Planter Box with Trellis

SKU: D-CO-TH10018
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