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  •   HAVE A RELAXING SHOWER: After coming back from a busy  day at work, there's nothing better than taking a calming shower to  unwind and clear the head while sitting comfortably on this bench
  • BAMBOO SLATS MAKE A DIFFERENCE: This bamboo  features strong tenacity and great stability, so your can feel free to  sit on it without worrying about wobbling (max. load capacity: 400 lb).  Space between slats allows water to leak through to help prevent it from  warping when drying
  • COMFORT ISN'T LOST WHEN BATHING: Forget those  bathing stools with flat tops and try our contoured  bathing  bench! It fits the body shape so you can feel more comfortable
  • HANGING BAR OR CARRYING HANDLE? It's up to you! You can  put bathing towels on the side bars for easy access and keep shampoo and  shower gels on the shelf; lift the side handles and take the bench on  the go if you want to move it to another place  
  • People don't take full advantage of the relaxation of a good  shower because you have to stand up. It's difficult to completely relax  while standing. 
  •  shower bench is specially designed for you!  With shower seat, your shower can be an even better place than  a tub to unwind and loosen up.
    Sit while in the shower, your legs  won't get tired. That gives you the time to enjoy all the benefits of a  shower. Sit, relax, and let the shower water soothe away the pressures  of your day.
    And what's more, ladies (and some men too!), this  shower bench is also great to put foot up while shaving your legs. You  don't have to worry about slipping off the edge of a bathtub. 
  • Specifications:
    - Color: Natural Bamboo Color
    - Material: Bamboo
    - Load Capacity: 220.6lbs (100kg)
    - Size: 23 5/8?L x 12 7/8?W x 17 3/4?H (60 x 33 x 45cm)
    - Weight: 10.14lbs (4.6kg) 
  • Package Contents:
    - 1 x Bamboo Shower Bench
    - 1 x Instructions
    - 1 x Set of Fittings 
  • Notes:
    - Periodically wipe the product with a dry cloth for maintenance.
    - Only use in a dry place, avoid direct exposure to sun or humidity.

Bamboo Shower Bench

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