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  • Color: Black, Green
  • Material: PP
  • Product Dimension: 23.5" x 23" x 32" (L x W x H)
  • Inner Capacity: 80 Gallons
  • Net Weight: 11 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Compost bin
  • 1 x User's instruction

Key Features

? Ultra-Large Bin Capacity: Roomy composter bin,  23.5" x 23"x 32", offering 80-gallon composting space to meet your  gardening needs. Comes with a large openable lid, you can dump kitchen  scraps and yard clipping into the bin easily. Besides, the bottom exit  door allows you take the compost and prevents animals' attack.
? Effective Compost Needs Short Time:  Since the all-round air-vented design, this composting container is  conductive to aerobic fermentation, requiring 8 to 12 weeks to compost.  And the composting time will be shorter during the high temperature  condition.
? Premium Material Ensures Lasting Durability:  Made of premium PP, this garden composter with stable physical  properties is high-hardness and weather-resistant for long-term outdoor  use. What's more, the black PP can maintain heat and regulate moisture  in the composting process.
? Practical Reutilization and Wide Application:  Turning the waste into garden food, this composter bin improves  environment and boost soil nutrition by reusing the innocuous scraps. So  this compost holder is versatile for your garden, backyard and farm,  making healthier and more vigorous gardening places.
? Tool-Free Assembly and Easy Cleaning:  With all parts and detailed instruction given in the package, this  composter holder is ultra-easy to assemble together. Needing no tools,  you can attach the pieces together in place quickly in a few steps. In  addition, the cleaning is also very easy to do by wiping with a damp  towel.


Composting at home is a great way to produce rich soil fertilizers, and this compost bin will help you grow a beautiful garden.

With 80-gallon inner capacity, this composter is an effective way to  create soil nutrition. All-round air vents enhance aerobic fermentation,  promoting the wasting scrap transformation. And sturdy PP frame makes  it weather resistant and durable for outdoor use. Besides, the humanized  design allows you to open the large lid and dump clippings effectively.  The bottom sliding door makes you to take out the fertilizer easily. A  complete composting process will be finished in 6-8 weeks under warm  temperatures, which will be shorter in hot weather.

If you are looking for a compost bin like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

  • 80-gallon capacity provides ample composting space
  • Large open lid for effortless garden clipping dumping
  • Bottom exit door for convenient fertilizers taking out
  • All-round air vents promote aerobic fermentation
  • BPA-free PP ensures long time outdoor use
  • Quick assembly needs less time and energy
  • Nutrition cultivation for garden protection and reutilization

80-Gallon Outdoor Composter with Large Openable Lid and Bottom Exit Door

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