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  • Color: Green/pink
  • Material: Pure cotton fabric, soft dot Minky fabric, polyester, glueless cotton, glass beads
  • Overall dimension: 60" x 80" (L x W)
  • Blanket weight: 15 lbs
  • Duvet covers weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Weighted blanket
  • 2 x Duvet covers
  • 1 x Storage bag

Key Features

? 2 Removable Duvet Covers: Coming with the pure  cotton cover and the cozy soft Minky dot cover, the 2 removable duvet  covers are suitable for all-season use while offering a comfortable  using experience. And the 2 covers can be washed by machine, greatly  saving your time.
? Cozy Sleep Therapy: Simulating  parents swaddle a baby to sleep, this weighted blanket effectively  releases nervousness and soothes the mood which helps you to sleep more  comfortably. Please choose that the weighted blanket you ordered should  be 10%  of your weight.
? 7 Layer Beads-Locking Design:  Made of high-quality fabric, this 7 layer designed weighted blanket is  breathable and skin-friendly for long time usage. And the interior is  filled with cozy glueless cotton and odorless glass beads to distribute  the weight evenly, greatly offering maximum comfort while sleeping.
? Premium Sewing Technology:  Thanks to the advanced sewing technology, the heavy blanket is divided  into small rectangles which not only reduces the leakage of the glass  beads but also makes the blanket more durable. And the included bag is  convenient for you to store.
? Multi-purpose Use:  Designed with simple yet elegant color, this premium weighted blanket  makes an eye-catching addition to your bedroom and living room while it  can be used in reading and resting as well. Besides, this cozy heavy  blanket will be the perfect gift for your families and friends.

60"x80" 15 lbs 3 Piece Heavy Weighted Blanket Set with Hot and Cold Duvet Covers

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