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  • Size: Full/Queen/King
  • Material: Sponge

Full size: 

  • 79" x 54" x 3" (L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 13lbs

King size: 

  • 76" x 80" x 3" (L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 19lbs

Queen size: 

  • 60" x 80" x 3" (L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 15lbs

Key Features

? Premium Material: Composed of high-quality air  cotton, this mattress topper promotes airflow to avoid stuffiness. In  addition, the mattress topper is filled with a sponge for a luxuriously  comfy and skin-friendly touch. The mattress topper allows for a  comfortable and natural sleeping position that will make you feel  refreshed.
? Breathable and Thick Mattress: The bed  mattress with soft-touch provides better ventilation on the surface.  With a thickness of 3", the mattress topper is provided soft and  comfortable for an all-night's sleep. designed for This detachable cover  can be easily detached and washed, which keeps the mattress topper  clean and prevent dust.
? Pressure Relief and Ergonomic Support:  The mattress topper helps you relieve the uneven anxiety and tension of  your body, as well as support your spine and joints at the correct  positions. Perfectly conform to your body curve by distributing your  body's weight evenly when you sleeping on this mattress topper.
? Designed for Comfort:  This mattress creates a comfortable sleeping surface and strikes a  balance between firmness and softness. It is suitable for kids,  toddlers, and teenagers as their bodies grow and develop. You will  embrace the ideal morning and feel energetic after a restful night's  sleep.
? Easy to Set up and Store: This mattress  topper is compressed and shipped in a box which brings much convenience  for delivery and setup. It fits for various bed frames, such as box  spring, slatted base, flat platform. Besides, the mattress can be easily  rolled up for easy storage when not in use.


This bed mattress is a great choice to resolve your sleeping problem.  High-quality and breathable air cotton to keep your body from  overheating easily.

The mattress topper helps relieve pain and reduce pressure points to  make you feel refreshed and energized. The mattress is adaptive to the  different sleeping postures for an optimal sleeping experience. You'll  enjoy comfortable softness and soothing pressure relief when you lie  down. Besides, the mattress is convenient to roll up for easy storage.

If you are looking for a comfy soft mattress pad like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

  • Enjoy a restful night's sleep with this mattress topper
  • The topper conforms to your body curve perfectly
  • Breathable air cotton for added comfort
  • The ventilated design promotes airflow and breath-ability
  • A skin-friendly surface improves the quality of sleep
  • Align the spine to minimize pressure points and relieve fatigue
  • Compressed in a box for convenient delivery and setup

3 inch Bed Mattress Topper Air Cotton for All Night's Comfy Soft Mattress Pad

SKU: D-CO-HU10002-F
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