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  • Weight: 15lbs / 20lbs
  • Color:Light green
  • Material: Cool fabric, glass beads, glue-free cotton
  • Product size:60"x80"
  • Net weight:15lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Weighted blanket
  • 1 x Carrying bag

Key Features

? Premium Glass Beads: Non-toxic and eco-friendly  glass beads are evenly distributed in the small pockets of this weighted  blanket, which provides even pressure to the whole body. In addition,  tight stitching prevents glass beads from leaking through the seam.
 ? Cool and Breathable Fabric:  Made of cool and breathable fabric, the cooling gravity blanket is  skin-friendly and cozy, which allows everyone to fall asleep comfortably  in the hot summer. Moreover, it will gives you a gentle feeling of  being hugged and suitable for any sleeping position.
 ? 7-layer Design:  This gravity blanket uses a unique 7-layer technology which provides  optimum weight and keeps a suitable temperature. With delicate edge  finishes, this gravity blanket has a longer service life. Besides, it is  certified to provide you with the security to use.
 ? Improve Sleeping Quality:  With the gentle pressure and cooling feel of this blanket, this summer  weighted blanket allows you to calm your body in a natural way and fall  asleep quickly and naturally. It allows you to get the high-quality  sleep in night and improve your work efficiency during the day.
 ? Perfect Gift for Everyone:  The gravity blanket of perfect weight is suitable for most adults and  youth. With 8 fixed ropes, it can be attached directly to the duvet  cover and keep the blanket in place. In addition, it can be used in any  occasion, and is the perfect choice for sleeping, reading and working.


The cool weighted blanket will be your perfect choice to have a great rest.

With cool and breathable fabric surface, the weighted blanket is  felling soft and comfortable. The non-toxic and eco-friendly glass beads  are evenly distributed in small inner compartments, which provides even  pressure to your whole body. This summer gravity blanket has a unique  7-layer design, which keeps a suitable temperature and gives you a  hugging feeling. What?s more, this cooling weighted blanket will help  you fall asleep quickly and relaxed naturally. In addition, it can be  used in any occasion and is ideal for sleeping at night, watching TV or  reading books.

Just try and you will love it to have a nice night.

  • Natural sleep therapy to relax body and improve your sleep quality
  • Suit for bed, sofa, when you sleeping, napping, or just have a rest
  • 7 layers of structure provides optimum weight and temperature control
  • Eco-friendly glass beads in the pockets provide even pressure
  • Cool fabric surface is cozy and breathable
  • Delicate sewing makes the blanket more durable
  • Tight stitching prevents glass beads from leaking
  • Weighted blanket allows you to fall into a deep sleep quickly
  • Cool weighted blanket suitable for summer
  • 8 fixed ropes to connect blanket and cover
  • Equipped with a convenient bag for storage and carrying

15lbs/ 20lbs Soft Fabric Breathable Premium Cooling Heavy Weighted Blanket

SKU: D-CO-HT1020
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