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  • Color: Green
  • Material: Electrophoretic steel, PE
  • Overall dimension: 39" x 20" x 67" (L x H x W)
  • Net weight: 6 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Garden greenhouse
  • 4 x Stakes
  • 4 x Wind ropes
  • 1 x Instruction

Key Features

? Ideal Environment for Plants: The portable  greenhouse comes with a waterproof PE grid cover, which is designed to  protect your plants from bad weather. Besides, the greenhouse has good  ventilation for vegetables or flowers to grow healthily, helping to  extend the growing season.
? Convenient Roll-up Zippered Door:  This greenhouse has a roll-up door that can be opened and closed with  two smooth zippers. And this roll-up door is secured with 2 straps,  making it easy for you to walk into the greenhouse for close observation  and care for the plants.
? Multiple Details for Higher Stability:  Constructed of electrophoretic steel pipe, this greenhouse is stable  and rust-resistant. Besides, we provide 4 wind ropes and 4 stakes to  help fix the greenhouse on the ground and enhance its wind resistance.  And you can put some stones on the extended edges to ensure its  stability.
? Compact Size for Wide Application:  Measuring 39" x 20" x 67", the compact tomato greenhouse has provided  large space for flowers, herbs, and vegetables to grow without taking up  too much space. And the greenhouse can be used outdoor with a  waterproof cover, suitable for garden, backyard, balcony, patio, etc.
? Portable and Easy to Set up:  The greenhouse weighs 6 lbs, which is super lightweight and easy to  carry outdoor. In addition, we provide a detailed instruction manual to  save your set-up time. And the greenhouse is simply designed, you can  finish the installation without any additional tools.


Do you want to eat fresh vegetables all year round? This greenhouse  is built to create the perfect environment for your plants to grow  healthily. It comes with a waterproof PE grid cover to protect your  plants from bad weather conditions and save the heat to promote plant  growth. In addition, this greenhouse construction is supported by  durable electrophoretic steel pipes, which are resistant to rust and  paint removal. In addition, we also provide 4 wind ropes and 4-floor  stakes to improve the wind resistance of the greenhouse. The extended  edges of the PE cover can be placed with stones to improve the stability  of the greenhouse. This walk-in greenhouse has a roll-up door equipped  with two zippers, which are secured by two straps for easy access and  easy observation. What's more, this stand-up greenhouse is compact and  suitable for tomato greenhouse.

  • 130G waterproof PE grid cover creates ideal space for plants to grow
  • Smooth zippers make it convenient for you to walk in 
  • 2 straps make the zippered door easy to roll up
  • Electrophoretic steel pipe is not easy to lose paint for durability
  • Equipped with 4 wind ropes and 4 stakes to enhance its stability
  • Featuring 8 straps to fasten the cover on the frame
  • Easy to assemble with a clear instruction manual
  • The compact and tall greenhouse is suitable for growing tomatoes

Walk-in Garden Greenhouse Hot House Tomato Plant Warm House

SKU: D-CO-GT3771
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