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  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Overall Sizes: 77.5" x 40" x 73"(L x W x H)
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Recommend Height of Mattress: 2.5" - 6"  Twin Size  
  • Net Weight: 62 lbs 

 Key Features

? Heavy-duty Metal Frame:  Constructed of powder-coated metal material, the junior loft bed is  rust-proof, heavy-duty, and durable for long time service. What's more,  the added reinforced bars enhance the structure and increase stability.
? Multifunctional Design:  The metal loft bed only provides an ideal sleeping area, but also can  accommodates a desk, dresser, couch, TV, etc., offering you perfect  studying area, making up area, relaxing area and more to meet various  needs.
? Reliable Safety Details: The slanted ladder  allows you to safely and conveniently climb up and down. In addition,  the 12" raised guardrail prevents you from falling out while sleeping,  greatly improve security.
? Wide Range of Use: The  space-saving bunk bed is a completely perfect solution to small spaces,  suitable for bedroom, apartment, dormitory and more occasions. Besides,  the metal bed frame features simple look and fits different decoration  styles.
? Product Information: Overall sizes: 77.5" x  40" x 73"(L x W x H). Under-bed clearance: 61". Weight capacity: 330  lbs. The loft bed fits most twin-size mattresses. Recommend height of  mattress: 2.5" - 6".

Metal Loft Twin Bed Frame Single High Loft Bed-Black

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